20 facts about me

  1. I’m an depressive person, always think too much and easily upset.
  2. I’m myopic but I don’t like wearing glasses or contact lens.
  3. Never dye my hair
  4. My idol is Haruki Murakami – a very famous Japanese novelist
  5. I read a lot, most of them is novel
  6. I’m not the type of talking and sharing about my own trouble
  7. Bad at sport
  8. I think I’m laziest person in the world. I hate doing housework and going out even.
  9. I hate pink.
  10. I used to wear high heels all day, but now I just wear sandals for no reasons
  11. My parents are too strict with me despite the fact that I’m an only child. They never pamper me too much like everybody thinks.
  12. My face looks so blue. It’s the reason that everybody always asks “Are you okay?” or “ You look so sad” when I don’t smile.
  13. The country I want to travel the best is Egypt.
  14. I’m not believe in love at first sight.
  15. I’m addicted coffee, at least 2 cups/ day
  16. I hate it when somebody blames me. I don’t even blame myself, don’t you dare blaming me, huh?
  17. My skin is fucking sensitive, so I rarely use perfume of lotion
  18. Sitting at the nail salon for hours is the sheer waste of time to me.
  19. I hate it when the person that I’m going out together to constantly look at their phone
  20. It’s hard for me to accept other people’s opinion. And, I dont care about other people hating on me, yeah, I am very stubborn. And, it’s totally a good side, at least to me. I believe myself anyway.

2 thoughts on “20 facts about me

    1. Đa số moi ng đều nói quyển Biên niên ký chim vặn dây cót là đỉnh cao trong số tiểu thuyết của Muarakami, mình cũng khá choáng khi đọc quyển này, kết hợp nhiều yếu tố, đọc xong nghiện luôn. Những quyển khác của Murakami cũng siêu hay. Welcome to my blog:)

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