Restart/ still writing


If you are a loyal follower of this blog “ Eventually, you aren’t, thanks for dropping by :)”, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t updated regularly information, recently. When I started, I tried to updated more and more to promote the blog and kept the hits per day. I wanted My small house to be so professional and inspirational. But, I accepted the truth that I couldn’t. It requires a lot of work and time, but I’m so lazy, and from time to time, I lack the ambition to write. I don’t blame for my work, the trouble is that I have to spend a lot of time in the office. And, after coming home, I’m totally exhausted. I know, I know, some people are much busier than me. The only one to blame is myself.

In addition, like I said before, I cherished an ambition to create an inspirational blog. So when I posted something, I always thought about the followers first. And I dropped many famous blog by to find the way to promote the blog effectively.

After all, I felt soooooo bad. My blog was like a copy. It wasn’t only boring but also a lack of personal. Do you understand the feeling when you do something just because of catching somebody’s attention? At first, maybe you ‘ll feel right, but believe me, you’ll soon go downhill  when you face to yourself.

But now, I’m here again. This blog is my baby, a habit and a part of my life. No reasons for giving it up. I love writing and never stop writing, for sureeeeeeeeeee. From now on, I want to blog again. But I want to make The small house a visual corner. The blog isn’t a job and I mustn’t try too much. This is a place where I can feel comfortable and write everything about my life – a normal girl’s normal life. I promise, the blog will be REAL.


One thought on “Restart/ still writing

  1. … Và hãy reviews thật nhiều những cuốn sách bạn đọc nữa nhá. 😀
    Như Sputnik sweetheart chẳng hạn.
    Đọc những dòng này của Vi mình lại nghĩ về sự viết của bản thân… Lâu lắm chả viết ra cái gì hay ho chút đỉnh. Cứ trốn tránh hoài…

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